Managed IT Services in Port Huron, MI

With a history spanning over four decades, Precision Computer Solutions, Inc. has become Michigan’s Lower Peninsula’s leading managed IT services provider. Our unique approach is dedicated to providing proactive, tailored solutions that prevent network disruptions, allowing you to concentrate on your business’s expansion. Our in-house experts excel at seamlessly integrating advanced technology into your daily operations. Solutions, Inc. has evolved into the premier IT services provider for Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. Our distinctive approach focuses on delivering proactive, customized solutions that prevent network disruptions, empowering you to focus on growing your business, all while our in-house experts excel at seamlessly integrating advanced technology into your daily operations. 

managed it services Port Huron, Michigan
managed it services Port Huron, Michigan

About Port Huron, MI

Port Huron, Michigan, known as the Maritime Capital of the Great Lakes, boasts a rich history tied to its strategic location along the St. Clair River and Lake Huron. Visitors can explore attractions such as the iconic Fort Gratiot Lighthouse, which offers picturesque views of the Blue Water Bridge and the scenic waters of Lake Huron.


Rich History

Port Huron has a deep-rooted history as a vital shipping and transportation hub, owing its significance to its location at the confluence of Lake Huron and the St. Clair River. The city’s historical legacy is further highlighted by the renowned invention of the first practical ice-making machine by Dr. John Gorrie, who lived in Port Huron in the mid-19th century.

Things to Do

In Port Huron, Michigan, you can explore the scenic Blue Water River Walk, featuring walking trails, gardens and picturesque river views. Additionally, a visit to the Port Huron Museum provides a rich cultural experience, showcasing the city’s maritime heritage and local history.


Notable Individuals

Port Huron is the hometown of the iconic inventor Thomas Edison, known for his numerous groundbreaking contributions to technology, including the development of the phonograph and the modern electric light bulb. Additionally, musician and actor Alice Cooper, famous for his pioneering role in shock rock, spent part of his early life in Port Huron.

managed it services Port Huron, Michigan

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Our service area extends from Detroit to Kalamazoo, covering The Thumb region, and we provide comprehensive managed IT services to government and private sectors. Our IT solutions bolster cybersecurity and optimize everyday operations. Furthermore, our enduring partnership with local counties, dating back to 1983, offers efficient road management software, streamlining Act 51 reporting and automating manual data entry tasks.

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